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PLBiz Strategy provides not only accounting, audit, tax and company formation services, but also has wide range of start-up one-stop outsourcing services. 

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Our mission is also to be your reliable and valuable partner using our expertise to assist and accompany you to walk through every step to success.

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Accurate Accounting Record Keeping Is absolutely a Key Component to the Success of Your Business.

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Obviously, start-up to Listing One-stop outsourcing services can save time and cost.  

No matter you are planning to start up a company or for future business expansion? It is essential to establish accurate and compliant records. This will not only reduce operating costs during expansion, but it is also the key to success during business expansion.

It should be noted the following real examples about how inaccurate business records affect business plan

Case study 1

During the mergers and acquisitions due diligence,  buyer side discovered there were improper accounting records. This may probably understated profits and tax payment. As a result, the buyer requested reducing purchase price.

Case study 2

During pre-IPO period, auditor found out due to insufficient information which misled an accounting staff on recording incomes from related companies to amount due to shareholders. Finally for compliance, the company reported to Inland Revenue Department and paid taxes and fines.

Case study 3

When performing IPO audit, a company was discovered most of inter-group balances couldn’t  match each other.

In fact, the IPO were shelved even if the company hired a new dedicated staff to handle  reconciliations. It is because companies had kept insufficient documents to support nature of inter-group transactions.

Under this situation, company not only needed to pay for extra staff cost, but also had to pay for partial works already done or to pay more for the extension.

Why Choose PLBiz

Accounting, audit, tax, formation and Start-up One Stop Outsourcing Services

Reduce Cost

Outsourcing can minimize number of employees and salary so company can maximize profit

Reduce workload

Outsourcing reduces workload so staff can focus on business development

Reduce Staff Turnover

Reducing workload increases staff loyalty so business can run smoothly and consistently

We are professional and experienced Outsourcing Services Provider

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Our goal is to complete jobs to clients in a timely manner

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Our aim is to provide sophisticated and accurate services

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Establishing trust and respect partnership with our clients