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Why need an mergers and acquisitions expert?

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With the rapid development of technology and global integration, the cost of entrepreneurship is greatly reduced. The market also gave birth to a large number of start-ups. Developed companies are also taking this opportunity to explore or to maintain their market competitive advantages and market share by acquiring or merging potential start-ups.

As a result, global mergers and acquisitions projects and amounts have increased significantly. And now it’s not just happening among large enterprises. Under such circumstances, the demand for accountants with experience in mergers and acquisitions is more intense. The qualification of such kind of accountants is substance as they need to review and identify if there are any accounting and taxation issues about acquired companies. On the other hand, if they are hired by acquired companies, they need to give advice to modify all issues.

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Why Choose Us?

Our advantage is that our staff have more than 10 years of experience in managing the Finance Department of medium-sized to listed companies, so we have practical experiences in mergers and acquisitions between buyers and sellers sides. Therefore, we not only have knowledge on Due Diligence audits, we also have solid knowledge of guiding of how to make the role of Account Department arrange smoothly in the whole Mergers and Acquisitions process.

Our expertise

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Review financial records for accuracy

Review, identify and modify for any financial entries which non-compliance with Accounting Standard.

Perform Due Diligence Audit

Substantial experiences on performing Due Diligence Audit for sellers and buyers.

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“Our goal is to provide one-stop business services packages at reasonable prices to release burdens of setting up companies from our clients and let them only concentrate on starting up their business. Our aim is to accompany our clients from start up, merge & acquisition to listing”